Solid Waste Containers

MetalKraft helps businesses streamline their waste management processes. Our dumpster solutions provide the flexibility and reliability needed to keep your projects running smoothly. By partnering with us, you can improve productivity, reduce costs, and maintain a clean, professional work environment.

Waste Management

Our solid waste containers are designed to streamline your waste management processes, saving you time and effort.

Versatile Sizing Options

Choose from 4 yard, 2 yard, and 1 yard containers to find the perfect fit for your specific waste generation needs.

Standard Collection

Integrate our containers with your existing waste collection services, as they are compatible with most standard garbage truck lifting mechanisms.

Waste Solutions

By selecting the appropriate container size for your business, you can ensure efficient waste management and maximize cost-effectiveness.

High Quality Solid Waste Disposal Containers.

Browse Our Units for Enhanced Waste Handling Efficiency.

1 Yard Solid Waste Container

Designed for small businesses, offices, and residential properties, our 1 yard container is built with high-quality, rust-resistant materials and can hold up to 1,500 lbs. Its user-friendly design, and secure lid make it perfect for general waste.

2 Yard Solid Waste Container

Our durable 2 yard container, with a capacity of up to 3,000 lbs, is ideal for businesses and restaurants. Constructed with rust-resistant materials, and ergonomic handles, it offers performance for smaller-scale waste management.

4 Yard Solid Waste Container

Built to last with rust-resistant materials, our 4 yard container is perfect for commercial and industrial waste management, holding up to 6,000 lbs. Its heavy-duty wheels and tight-fitting lid ensure easy maneuverability.


Have any Question?

How can these solid waste containers help me save money on waste management costs?

Our durable containers reduce the need for frequent replacements, saving you money in the long run. Their compatible design ensures efficient waste collection, potentially lowering your service costs.

Are these containers secure enough to prevent unauthorized access or scavenging?

Our containers feature secure, tight-fitting lids that prevent unauthorized access and scavenging. This keeps your waste contained, your property clean, and your business’s privacy protected.

Can these containers help improve the appearance of my property?

Yes, our containers maintain a clean and professional appearance with tight-fitting lids and rust-resistant materials. Regular cleaning further enhances their aesthetic appeal.

How can these containers improve my business’s efficiency in waste management?

By choosing the right size container for your needs, you can optimize waste management efficiency. Our various sizes ensure you have the perfect solution for your specific requirements, streamlining processes and saving time.

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